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  PS Food Container Production Line

PS Food Container Production Line  produces disposable food box, lunch box, take-away food box, hamburger box, fruit tray.

The PS food container machine mainly including three main parts:

1. PS foam sheet extruder: make PS foam sheet from raw material

2. Fully auto forming and cutting machine: make PS sheet to finished products, such as PS foam tray, PS foam box etc (we can design mould according to customer requirements) 

3. Plastic recycle machine: recycle waste products to granules, the can mix with new material and put into PS foam sheet extruder again




  • Styrofoam tray/box for fruits, vegetables and fresh meats used in supermarket, packages  for the

       fast food containing

  • Lunch box, bowls, dinner trays and various types of food containers.
  • The used tray, box can be recycled


  • Address:Dongjiang Town,Longkou City,Shandong Province,China
    TEL:+86-535-8613088 FAX:+86-535-8613088